Domingo Suárez Torres

Utopian software designer and writer. Mostly a dog coder and motherforker. JVM generalist. I've been in local TV twice. I build stuff. Beer & Coffee lover. Groovy Knight.

About me

I’m a Utopian Software Designer who likes to drink lots of coffee and beer.

I live in Mexico City, I like to code for the JVM with Groovy, Java, Clojure and few times with Scala. I like Go, Haskell and Erlang also.

The most exciting thing I can do is to think about software design. I love to design software, thinking about the value I can provide with beautiful designs. The most scalable designs I’ve ever created always has been involved a team, I can’t achieve goals without a motivated team. Motivation is everything to get inspiration.

Life is about design, mostly emergent design, live design

I have several interests.

I am a two-handed bowler. Do you want to know more about me and what I can do for you? Stalk me.